9th Fairway Drainage- 18th – 19th September 2023

Whilst the course is closed, we will have contractors (AMS) on site to carry out the essential drainage work required on the 9th fairway. This area sits extremely wet in the winter months due to blocked land drains. With the ditch now situated between the 5th and 9th fairways, AMS will be running drainage channels into the ditch every 6-8m with a total of 12 channels across the fairway from left to right as you play the hole. These channels will be backfilled with drainage shingle and rootzone, they will then be overseeded and marked GUR until they have grown in. Please be aware that this will require the 18th and 19th holes will be closed on Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th.

I hope you will all agree that this is a really positive investment and step forward. I look forward to seeing the results in the coming winters.

Many thanks