improve your approach to the game,
your mindset and your score.

Our professional coaches take golfers of all ages and abilities to the next level, focussing on technique and strategy through personalised instruction and practice.

Harry Pyett

Harry Pyett is a Senior Golf Coach with 13 years of experience having taught across Sussex.

Harry’s main objective is to advance your performance in the shortest time possible. This is achieved through expert technical swing knowledge, on-course performance, and Trackman data.

He is focused on helping you overcome any mental obstacles that act as a barrier to park performance. There is no guesswork, as Harry invests in a Trackman launch monitor providing analytics of your swing.

This is broken down, reviewed, and uploaded onto the Coach Now app for you to access at any time after the lesson. Providing you with comprehensive, tangible tuition.

James Browne

My golf career began at Chichester Golf Club at a very young age, when I attended some junior sessions that were run by the club. Many years later I found myself working in the shop and in 2016 I turned pro and begun my PGA training.

3 years later I graduated as one of the top 15 professionals in the UK for that year and am now a fully qualified PGA Professional with a degree in Professional Golf.

Since then, I have gone on to pursue my own golf career at the golf club: coaching full time and also competing, qualifying for national PGA events, Euro Pro and also winning on the TP Tour.

It is my own love for the game and passion for self-improvement that has driven my ability to coach others. I work with all types of golfers, from complete beginners to full-time professionals and from young children to senior players.

One of my top priorities as a golf coach is to introduce the game to kids at a young age and show them that golf is not something they should be put off to play; that it is fun and inclusive and if they want to, they can become very good at it. To do this, I have grown the junior section at the golf club by myself to one of the biggest in the area and this is something I am very proud of.


I first took up golf in 1999 at the age of 14 years old. Since then, my personal achievements include winning 3 Club Championships and holding the course record at my previous club.

I have been working in the golf industry since 2008, starting out working behind the bar to working my way up to a managerial role.

In 2016, I took the opportunity to advance my skills and qualified as a golf teaching professional. The course I took for this, was through the European Golf Teaching Federation. This course is designed primarily for people looking to teach golf, using simple methods for students to understand all the different aspects of the game. In the 6 years since obtaining my qualifications, I have worked with complete beginners, all the way up to professional standard players.

Since joining Chichester Golf Club in January 2022, I have taken on the Get in to Golf Programme. This programme is designed to get complete beginners in to the game, at a low cost, which is a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved in the sport.

My first objective, is to get as many people as I can, to a level where they can venture out on the course. In time, my ultimate goal for this programme, is to get a complete beginner to a level to compete in club competitions and WIN!

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