7 Day Age 30-32
7 Day Age 30-32

Adult 7 Day Membership Age 30-32

There are now two options when paying for our 7 Day Membership, with the following terms and conditions.

Annual membership
 If you choose to pay in one lump sum at the start of your membership year you will now be committing to the full year and you will be unable to cancel your membership part way through the year.

Monthly membership
If you chose to pay monthly by direct debit you have the right to cancel your membership at the end of any month.  If you wish to pay monthly please contact us for more information.

This is what you get!

  1. * Unlimited play 5 days a week on any of the courses in the Maple Leaf Golf Group
  2. * Unlimited play on the Cathedral Course at the weekend and on public holidays
  3. * Exclusive use of the Cathedral Course before 9am Monday – Friday and before 10am at the weekend
  4. * 10% Discount in the Pro Shops, Clubhouse and Jungle Java Café (exclusions apply)
  5. Discounted member’s guest rates for up to 3 guests per round
  6. * Opportunity to play for free at 30 golf clubs around England that are part of the Golf Club Network  (on purchase of a £10 players card)
  7. * 30 day advance booking rights if you book online
  8. * Exclusive members only changing rooms
  9. * Discounted buggy hire
  10. * Unlimited play on the 9-hole FootGolf course
  11. * Unlimited play on the 18-hole Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf Course
  12. * Competitions during the week and at the weekend
  13. * Discounts available on range balls (terms and conditions apply)
  14. Annual fees £825, joining fee £199, Insurance and affiliation £24
    Adult 7 Day £1048.00


For more information about Membership please contact Katie Scopes on 01243 536666

or complete the form below:-