Mark Wood – Director of Instruction

Mark is the Director of Instruction and a PGA Advanced Teaching Professional at Chichester golf club in West Sussex, and has been since 2016 and with over 20 years’ experience every standard of golfer has been coached, helped and enthused; complete beginners to European Tour and Ryder Cup players.

I turned pro in 1996 after a fairly successful amateur career and my journey into the professional ranks was very interesting. As a kid I remember buying almost every instructional book, video and most of the monthly golfing publications as I was devoted and hooked in becoming a better player. I was like a kid so passionate about golf; my brain was a sponge soaking up all the different swing techniques and short game methods as I wanted to be the best golfer in the world.

As time went on I soon realised that a lot of what I was reading and seeing was confusing advice and I was not advancing the way I thought I should be. So after a short time I decided that I needed a coach who would help me fulfil my passion and goals. I must have gone through 6 or 7 coaches before I found a great coach called (Nick Bradley) who was coaching some of the finest professionals in the world. Nick worked for 5 years on my game and it really helped me and my golf, I remember going to watch Nick coaching his professionals and I got a real buzz from that and I started to realise that the dream of becoming the best golfer in the world was not for me, I wanted to be a coach. That was quite an eureka moment for me as I could not understand that the tournaments that I was playing in I was more interested about the players swings and games than I was my own!! Even playing social golf outside of tournaments with friends I was always giving them advice of what shots they should hit and advice on their techniques, I was so much more concerned about everybody else’s game apart from mine, and I was trying to make a living form playing golf!!

From that point onward I turned my attention full time into becoming a great golf coach who is driven and passionate about helping golfers of all abilities improve. I get a great buzz from helping golfers starting out in the game as I do when one of my pro clients wins an event.

I have always gone out of my way to observe and learn from the best in order to create a holistic approach to the game and my teaching. I have spent a lot of time with some of the best coaches in the world at PGA Coaching Seminars, such as Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Martin Hall, Dr Paul Hurrion, and Nick Bradley has honed and polished my tuition abilities to be recognised as some of the finest in England.

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