Ocean Paradise Adventure Golf

A new date idea, a great group activity, or a day out with the kids, Adventure Golf is fantastic fun for all. 18 holes of walking the plank, finding buried treasure, and swimming with enchanted mermaids; there really isn’t a golfing experience like it. Some love it for the amazing scenery and story told from hole to hole, others for beating your mate on that tricky 16th hole. Discover the deeps, sail the seven seas and get that ever elusive hole in one… 


‘Ahoy there me hearties! Ready yer sea legs and leave the landlubbers behind and get ready to set sail from Old London Town. The ship called ‘Ocean Paradise’ and her crew have been commissioned by the English Government to apprehend pirates in the Indian Ocean, but instead of just capturing pirates, we’ll plunder their booty before turning ’em in, tis the pirate way!’



Indoor Adventure Golf

The Tale of Ocean Paradise

See if you can follow the story as you play!
Land Ho!